Nokia X2-02 Dual SIM Mobile Features,Price and Specifications

Nokia X2-02 Dual SIM Mobile Features,Price and Specifications

Nokia has just rolled out another interesting and fancy handset called Nokia X2-02. This is another one in the Nokia phone music series. It is more of music alone and it comes with some additional feature with light weight of 93g. When we’re talking of size, the device measured 113 x 50 x 15 mm. It comes with different colors including the canary yellow, pink, red and blue and black color.

Price for this device is encouraging than others because it is presently $78 in the U.S. and Rs. 7000 in the republic of India and in Pakistan, the price will be around 7000/- Rupees. The phone run on the Nokia S40 Java MIDP 2.1 platform.

Additional Features of the Nokia X2-02:

Ability to Switch Sim Cards Without switching off your device:

With this phone, you can change sim card without the stress of shutting down your device just by pressing a single magic key on the keypad. The device can spot dual SIM cards without much hassle.

Sound Quality & Memory

Sound Quality & Memory
is phone is a music phone and for music lovers who loves to enjoy storing many songs on their phone for playback purpose and this phone has up to 32 GB storage memory. The new phone is capable of producing crystal clear sound because Nokia has provided Nokia WH-102 stereo headset which will make it easier for the device to produce great sound. Also, Nokia X2-02 comes with 106 phone speaker which has the ability of playing songs at the highest possible sound. Another awesome feature of this phone is its car enabled playing mode with the Nokia Play via Radio feature – now, you can play your favourite music right in your car or at home by just using your headset alone. That doesn’t ends here, you can as well record soundtrack as it is playing and later listen to it when you wanted to hassle-free.

Camera, Video and other great Features

On this phone home screen, you will see a lot of menu and shortcuts that will help you explore better than trying to check the inner pages before you can get tasks done. There are many quick launches on the phone’s screen such as social button for Facebook and Twitter, emailing button for Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, and the official Nokia email account, OVI Mail.

This new device comes with:

  • 2.2 inch display with 240 x 320 resolution
  • GPRS connection for connecting to the internet
  • 2 MP camera
  • Bluetooth connection for sharing of files with others
  • 443 hours standby battery life for more working time
  • Download many apps effortlessly from the Ovi store anytime you want without hassle.


Overall it is a very well designed and nice looking handset and great for music lovers. This phone is bundled with almost all hot features and will certainly outperform most of previous dual sim phones by Nokia mobiles or even many other Chinese and international companies. Remember, Nokia’s X2 had performed really well through out the world and this phone is pretty much looks like X2, but comes with dual sim feature, which makes it even better.
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